DJI Osmo Pocket Won’t Turn On – EXPLAINED

So you purchased an Osmo pocket and filmed a couple of times then packed it away while on charge. Fast-forward a few months later and you want to test out the gimbal before your next adventure or vacation only to find the thing won’t turn back on? All you get is a flashing green light and a blank screen. Why won’t your Osmo Pocket turn back on? Have you permanently damaged your Osmo Pocket?

The Osmo Pocket uses a LiPo battery which is very sensitive to high temperatures and should never be charged overnight or for prolonged periods while inside your device. An Osmo Pocket battery that has been almost completely drained or drained below its minimum voltage level can become permanently damaged.

There are a few important factors to consider when you operate your Osmo Pocket. Always remember never to drain the LiPo battery below 25%, or leave the device on charge overnight. This can potentially cause damage to the sensitive battery, motherboard, and SD card, which could cause your device not to restart again leaving you with a flashing green light and a blank screen.

It’s a pretty crappy design if you ask me!

So, what are your options if your device is out of warranty?  

Let’s find out!

DJI Osmo Pocket Won’t Turn On – Possible Causes

The good news is there are a few things you can check to diagnose the problem, however, Osmo Pocket users have reported varied results of success. So much for good news right?

The bad news is, that DJI has not offered any feedback or support regarding the cause or any solution leaving many Osmo Pocket users frustrated and dissatisfied with their inferior product. Pretty much leaving them high and dry with an overpriced paperweight.

If the device is still under warranty, I would strongly recommend contacting the DJI support teams and requesting a refund or replacement device ASAP.

Below are a few options to investigate if your device is out of warranty.

Solution #1 – Battery

If you are suffering from a Unit that refuses to turn on, you most likely unintentionally, left the device charging for extended periods or drained the expensive LiPo battery below its minimum voltage level causing permanent damage to the battery.

Alternatively, the device could’ve sustained a serious knock or bump resulting in INTERNAL battery damage which is not always visible from the outside.

Whatever the situation, the LiPo battery found inside the Osmo Pocket is a very sensitive and expensive battery, costing almost double that of a Li-Ion battery. It should be treated with great care since it has its limitations and is not as robust as Ni-Cad or Li-ion batteries

Some tips when using a device with a LiPo battery

  1. Never charge overnight
  2. Never charge unattended
  3. Never charge inside the device for extended periods
  4. Never charge near flammable material/substances
  5. Never leave them charging once the maximum charge is obtained
  6. Its lifespan is 2 to 3 years after the manufacturer
  • It is sensitive to high temperatures.
  • If the battery is completely discharged, it can no longer be recharged again.
  • It is expensive when compared to Ni-Cad or Li-ion batteries
  • Its internal chemistry could cause fire when the battery casing is punctured.

What about charging voltage?

Let’s find out!

Solution #2 – Charging Voltage

When charging the Osmo Pocket always use the charger supplied with the device. Never use a charger that is too weak to deliver the correct charging voltage required by the Osmo Pockets LiPo battery.

The minimum required amps for the Pocket is 2amps.

If, however, the LiPo battery has been fully depleted, then the permanent damage has already been done and even if the charger offers sufficient amps, it won’t matter since the battery is already damaged beyond repair.

Next, make sure to check out your SD card to determine if it has become corrupted.

Solution #3 – Corrupt SD Card

What could possibly cause your Osmo SD card to become corrupted?

Well, if you remove the card while it is file transferring, you could corrupt the SD card. Also, if you are using the same memory card on multiple devices could cause premature damage. Also, improper ejection of the SD memory card could result in the card becoming corrupted or permanently damaged.

Below is a list of reasons why your SD card could become damaged

  • Physical damage to the SD card
  • Corrupt SD card file system
  • Removing the micro SD card from a device during file transferring
  • Using the same memory card on multiple devices
  • Improper ejection of the SD memory card
  • Due to virus Installations

To repair/format a corrupted SD card follow the steps given below:

  1. Turn off your device (camera or smartphone)
  2. Remove the SD card
  3. Insert the SD card again into your device (camera or smartphone.)

If this works, then back up all the data stored on the micro SD card and then format it.

Solution #4 – Motherboard

Another reason why your Osmo Pocket refuses to restart is excessive heat. Excessive heat caused by the device processor without sufficient heat can lead to motherboard damage. This is true in the case of laptops, computers, cellphones, etc.

The most common causes of motherboard failure are:

  1. Severe electrical shocks
  2. Physical knocks or bending
  3. Excess heat.


Osmo Pocket User Experiences/Feedback

User Experience/Feedback #1

So I have a Pocket that I wasn’t using for a few weeks but now want to use again. Tried to turn it on but no luck, thought:’ Ok battery is probably just very low so I’ll charge it for a bit.’ So plugged it in and waited for a couple of hours. I got a green blinking light but even after a full day it won’t turn on.

I’ve read in a few posts that sometimes the SD Card does some weird stuff on powerup so I removed that, no luck. I tried connecting it to my phone and turning it on, no luck.
So I’m not really sure what could happen over the course of a few weeks sitting on a shelf. It was never used in extreme condition, so I can rule out water and dust ingress.

User Experience/Feedback #2

Hello everyone, I have the same problem my osmo poket I have used it a little, I plug it in and charge the battery, green light flashes every 3 seconds, but it does not turn on, I cannot turn it on or leaving the buttons pressed, this is a common fault I am looking on the internet and there is about 20% of this model with that bug .. I don’t know who has dji in the forum .. but please give us a solution as it is your bug! and if someone has solved it please explain it!
Thank you.

User Experience/Feedback #3

Hi there,
I bought my Osmo Pocket 2 in last November. The first two months, I used the camera very easily, even though I experienced many times some issues with the powering on. In a first moment, after charging I could use it, but if I tried to powering on the next day it wouldn’t turn on, even though I knew it had enough battery. So I began to connect it to power, and then the camera powered on and I could use it. That happened at least 5 times.
But today Pocket 2 stop powering on, even after charging it. Now the green light keeps blinking but Pocket 2 doesn’t turn on.
I’m very worried that this wont fix, so anybody found a solution to this?


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